Call for Projects

Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area
Caroline-Kent-Queen Anne’s-Talbot Counties


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Eastern Shore Heritage, Inc. (ESHI), the management entity for the Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area seeks projects for inclusion in its Heritage Area 5 year Strategic Plan.   We seek to list potential projects that would enhance the Heritage Area and its goals for heritage preservation, tourism, interpretation (“telling the story”), and recreational linkages.

Projects should be well conceived and feasible with strong local sponsors and good potential for local funding. We expect to include both “ready to go” projects and those needing more time. To be considered for inclusion in the Plan, a proposal must support the State of Maryland’s goals for heritage preservation and tourism.

This is not a grant application. Projects included in the Plan may use this recognition in seeking public and private funding and other support, such as technical or volunteer assistance.  Some support may be available through the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA), operator of the State’s Heritage Preservation and Tourism Areas Program, in the form of grants.   Projects listed in plan will receive additional consideration during review of MHAA and the Stories of the Chesapeake Small grants. More information about heritage area benefits can be found at and the Stories of the Chesapeake at

Typical projects might include:

  • Restoration and/or adaptive use of a historic building or boat
  • An interpretive program for a cultural, natural, or historic resource
  • An oral history project
  • A commemorative sign or public art
  • An interpretive exhibit, brochure, sign, or program
  • Creation of a museum on special topics related to our heritage, cultural, natural or historic
  • A school-based program or project (K-12 or college)
  • Establishment of a wide range of heritage tourism-related businesses, such as bed & breakfast lodging or a photography guide service
  • Protection of or more access to a natural site, park, recreational trail, or water landing
  • A town or neighborhood beautification project
  • Creation of a farmers’ or crafters’ market
  • A historic resources inventory or historic district designation project

The deadline for project submissions is May 20, 2018.  Projects may be submitted by mail or email at

To discuss a project, call Gail Owings, ESHI Executive Director, at 410-810-1460 or e-mail her at